By : ANAN Timpolmas Senior High School student 

Guys, do you ever imagined about what you want to be in the future? Or do you ever felt that you are not ready for future?Some people say, good opportunity comes from God, God decides everything about one’s future, so that they would pray only all the time. But other people say that pray only is not enough and I agree to the second opinion. So guys what should we do in preparing ourselves for future opportunities?

Here I have 5 ways to share with you how to prepare ourselves for future opportunities.

First, make dream list. Dream list helps us to be focus on what should we do to make the dream become true. It also reminds us when we lose control and do other things that unsupported the dream.

Second, leave our bad habits. Lazy, postponing and not on time are bad habits. Please, leave these bad habits. It seems like just simple things but remember that big things start from simple things that are why we have not to ignore it.

Third, expand our knowledge. The world today is competitive world. If we not expand our knowledge, we will leave behind, that’s not enough to have education certificate only, certificate could be manipulated, but our performance in society every day will determine our knowledge truly.

Fourth, increase our skill. Everyone has skill even one or more than one. Know ourselves and what and skill we have then increase the skill. Skill is a good weapon to defeat the world. Let’s see Andy F. Noya, the host of Kick Andy, Bob Sudino the successful businessman and Joy Alexander, the little pianist. Andy and Bob, they don’t have bachelor certificate but by knowing their skill, the skill take them to the big success and Joy, although he is ten years old but by increasing his skill, he could get the international achievement.

The last but not least do not be afraid to try something new. A wise man said, “old way won’t open a new door.”  The same we do the same we get. Don’t be limited by our fear, just free ourselves to try something new even that will make us fail, because we will never know until we have tried.

 I ever saw an old woman work as scavenger in a trash bin, I just thing if she ever dreamed to be scavenger when she was young? I don’t know, what I want to say is, we have to prepare ourselves as early as possible or we will lose our future. The best preparation for tomorrow is do the best today.

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